Monday, July 31, 2006

Touring the New Church Building

On July 23rd, we got to tour our new church building. It is totally awesome. The most exciting thing about the whole process to me is that I'm part of a new congregation and have met so many wonderful Christian people, and have gotten to know quite a few of them personally.

I participate in the ladies class on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I help in the nursery when it is my scheduled turn. I am a member of a life group and go to different homes on a monthly basis, and I eat lunch once a month with a group of ladies who have lost their spouses either from death or divorce. Actually, I think I'm the only one that is divorced. I'm also the youngest one in the group and the only one who has to go back to work after we eat(yuk). But what a group of ladies!!! Jay Gwin is the deacon who is shepherding us in this work, and we all enjoy it so. Sometimes we have special guests. David has eaten with us a few times, and usually one of the elders or a deacon will come. It helps us to find out what is going on at the church. You know us Church of Christ folks. The women don't go to the men's meetings and are not scriptually allowed to hold office of elder or deacon, so unless someone tells those of us with no husband what is going on, we can be in the dark. So these good men keep us abreast of what is happening that we should or might just like to know about.

The interior design has been done by Lori Nichols. She has done a great job. We have lots of classrooms, a wonderful place to have fellowship and most of all a beautiful new place to lift up praises and worship our Lord.

I am so happy and excited to be a part of this congregation!

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