Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Girls are gone - sometime.

My youngest daughter and her family have moved 2 hours away. I was used to seeing the two girls, 3 and 2 almost every day and doing things with them like going to church together, out to eat and just playing. I also babysat whenever they wanted me to.

I'm used to living by myself, but having them near was a great convenience. Now they live far enough away that I can't see them any time I want to, but they do get to come home quite often.

In fact, their dad is out of town for the week, so they are staying with me right now. They've been really busy visiting other grandparents also, but I've gotten to have them with me the last two nights. We take turns sleeping together. They are both good bedpartners, but three is too many in any bed.

The youngest has been called Maddie Bug since she was born, but this week she informed her mother she is not Maddie Bug, she is Maddie Ewese(Elise). But she lets me call her sunshine.

I visited with my grandson in NW Ar for the July 4th holiday. I started to church with him on Sunday morning, and he asked if it was far far away. I told him it was a little way, but not far far. He told me that his MeMaw JuJu lived far far away. I asked him if I lived far far away, and he said no, that I live upstairs.(This is where I stay when I visit, because I live in the same town as MeMaw JuJu.

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