Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Do List!

I'm going to be off for a couple of days the end of the week, and I have a To-Do list. I'm thinking if I put what I need to get done in a list, I will be more likely to make it a To Done list. I'm going to start with the oldest things first, since these things have obviously been sitting there the longest.

1. I made two sundresses last year for the oldest two granddaughters. Unfortunately, they were too big, so rather than redo them, I put them back to finish this spring. Here's what they need.
A. Buttons and buttonholes for the straps.
B. A bit of embroidery work on the collars.
C. Button and holes where the collars attach.
D. A tuck near the bottom to make them just a touch shorter.
All this could be done in a couple of hours.

2. I smocked a front for a dress for The Banty Hen earlier in the spring. It got laid aside while I did Easter dresses. Here's what it needs.
A. Trace off the pattern and cut it out.
B. Sew up the dress.
Now this will take a bit longer, but should be accomplished easily in a day. It's a simple dress smocked from the shoulder not rocket science.

3. My dil's mother and step-father have one of those mobile BBQ wagons, and they asked me to make a couple of tablecloths with elastic around them for their picnic table, which I did, but with the rest of the material, they wanted one that would go over their square chest deep freezer. That requires.
A. Cutting the fabric using the measurements given.
B. Running it through the serger.
C. Attaching the elastic.
I'm allowing 2 hours from start to finish on this one.

4. A friend whose daughter is getting married asked me to serge around the edges of a couple of pieces of fabric--note the word couple. When she brought it to me, she wants 2- 15" squares out of two pieces of satin - one green, the other peach. Then she would like as many 12" inch squares as I can get out of the rest. That's 4 15" squares, and I don't know how many 12" squares. So, here's what has to be done to those.
A. Measure both pieces.
B. Mark and cut 4 15" pieces, being careful not to waste any.
C. Serge all of the pieces.
This I'm allowing at least 4 hours.

I believe my two days off are full. This weekend is also our family reunion. I've been asked to make potato salad, and I'm possibly going to attempt to make a watermelon cake. That's Saturday used up.

At some point I have to go get the hamburger meat, hotdogs and a few other things. The reunion is Sunday afternoon.

I'm hoping there are enough left overs that I won't have to cook on Monday, and with a little luck, I won't see anyone all day.

I'll have pictures next week of what I finish on my To Do list, and if the cake turns out, I'll have a picture of it. I'm trying to polish up my limited decorating skills since the next weekend I'm making a My Little Pony cake for The Banty Hen. That girl lives and breathes My Little Pony.

I guess this sounds like I'm complaining--I'm not really. I love making things for my grandchildren, and doing for others. Besides, I get paid for the tablecloths in BBQ, and boy is it good.

I'll keep you posted on how things progress.

I hope you are having a great day. Love each other.

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