Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stash Reduction!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had made a new pair of slacks and they fit pretty well. So, since I can't seem to buy anything that fits, I decided it is time to work on some things for myself. As I began thinking about what I wanted to make, it dawned on me that there were three goals I could accomplish. 1. Have a few new pieces of clothing to wear. 2. Save some money, and this is an important one, 3. Reduce the amount of fabric in my stash.

It seems that about the only thing I ever do is add to my stash. I've heard a couple of gals call this a 'stash enhancement'. So, I've decided to call mine a 'stash reduction'. This 3rd thing is very important since my oldest daughter mentioned an intervention from a hoarding group - again! BTW, my hoarding isn't filth like so many of those on the show. You won't find any rotting food, empty fast food cartons, or empty wine bottles in my house. I just can't seem to pass up a bargain, but in some areas, it seems a bit out of control. Should I be attending meetings or something?

So last night, after the Reds and the Cards settled down to playing ball and not fighting, I began working on my latest project. First I got out these two pieces of fabric. Thought there was enough to make a pair of capris and a shirt. Plenty to make the shirt, but only enough to make a pair of shorts. Not to be deterred, I went ahead and cut out the shorts, since I'll need a few things for a short trip I'm taking the later part of the month.

Then I spied this piece of knit I had bought to make a top. I cut it out and had a finished shirt by bedtime.

By the way, I have this on today. The pattern amounted to a front, back, sleeve and neck binding. By using my serger,I was able to cut it out, and sew it up in about an hour and a half(this was with one eye on the ballgame too.)

Tomorrow, I will have pictures of the big bookcase that is now sitting on my carport and that my son is not happy with me for asking him to move. It's big, and it's heavy. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew.

What project are you working on? Pray for cooler weather. Love one another.


The Frosted Gardner said...

Hey There! Thank you for all of the sweet comments you leave on our blog! It is so fun to read through your insights and ideas. We cannot thank you enough.


Tara Smith said...

I like that first fabric.

Papaw is coming tomorrow to help Jeremy cut the chair rail for the girls' room so I should have some better pictures of their bedding for you to put on your blog. I didn't want you to put any up until it was all finished.

Oh...snap. I forgot to measure that dresser again. I just wanted you to sew for yourself, you see.

Lena . . . said...

Just copy and paste the link to this page to your friend and he'll be able to watch it. I'm glad you ejoyed it.

Marge said...

Okay, now I really have to start sewing some clothes. A person doesn't need all those table runners and quilts anyhow! However, I do have fabric and patterns for at least five quilts... probably many more that just haven't been planned. I can't wait to see your bookcase project! And there is nothing wrong with a fabric stash! She who dies with the most fabric wins!!!!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yes, I know about that bargains that can't be passed. I have a stash of my own, that I had great plans for, but have done nothing with. I will, eventually.
You are a very talented seamstress!!

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