Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

The little garden my brother has planted in my yard has proffered a bit of work. As August rolls around, it's becomming more of a chore to work with the bounty. But here's a little update. The garden has cut into my sewing time also. Would you believe I'm just finishing two of the three sundresses I started back in April. Fortunately, they are running big, so I think when I finish them, they will go in the closet until Spring. Then they'll have something new to start Summer, 2011.

Back to the garden.

This is the first year in a long time I've been involved in a garden. Actually, my brother has done most of the work. We think the cucumbers and the squash crossed. We've gotten almost no squash, and the cucumbers get too big too fast. I've made lime pickles out of them.

The tomatoes haven't done well. The leaves curled up and the production has been sad. I have made some tomato juice. We had an early crop of green beans, and have now replanted in an attempt to get a second crop. We are cutting lots of okra and it looks like it will continue. We've had just enough to eat along and give my son enough to make a few quarts of pickled okra. The purple hullpeas did ok, but a friend had a big patch, so I've ended up canning about 40 quarts, and my brother has put enough in his freezer to feed a small army this winter. I also made pea hull jelly.

The small watermelon patch has about 10 melons, but the one I cut the other night had very little taste. I personally think they got in bed with the cukes and squash.

Oh well, there's always next year.

We are having an extremely hot spell. It got to 103 yesterday and is supposed to get to 101 today. If you don't have to be out, the best thing is to stay in.

I hope everyone is finding a good cool spot. Pray the heat wave won't last. Love one another.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Your garden is doing much better than mine. This heat and lack of rain has taken a toll on it. We have had a few showers lately so I'm hoping I'll atleast get some tomatoes from it.

Marge said...

I've been worrying about all you folks down south of us. 103 is too hot! It's been in the low 90's here, but the humidity is awful. Seems like a sauna out there. I would think the gardens would be growing like crazy, but we don't have one so I'm not sure how they are around here. My daughter did share some wonderful tomatoes yesterday, and the farmers market is full of veggies.

You guys be careful down there in that heat. I love air conditioning! Oh, be sure to show those sun dresses when you're finished!

Ann Flowers said...

Your blog is the best part of my day! Cheers!

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