Friday, January 15, 2010

Spreading Our Wings

My oldest grandson is grown, and has decided to try his wings. He'll be 25 in a few days, and this past Sunday morning, he put all his earthly possessions into his small car and pointed it southeast. He has transferred with his job to somewhere in Florida. It's 2 miles north of Orlando. He will stay with a friend until he finds an apartment, and he's planning to go to school there.

He has always lived with his mother, and I guess we just assumed he would continue to do so. But about a year ago, he began making rumblings about moving south. It has taken this long for everything to be in place the way he wanted it before he moved. I guess I should be thankful he is a patient person and didn't just jump in his car and go there with no plans, no job or money.

He has always been a good kid, and he'd better continue to be since none of us can afford to go there and bail him out of jail. He spent a lot of time with me when he was little. His mom and dad divorced when he was very small. He can't even remember them ever living together. So on the weekends when he wasn't with his dad, he would come to my house. I literally dragged him everywhere. I took him on a float trip with my office buddies once, and we used to go to the local wrestling matches(we prounce it 'rasslin', but I was afraid no one would know what that was). Then there was the time when he was little that I forgot he was at the house. I decided to go to the store, got in the car and was driving down the road when I remembered I had forgotten him. I turned around, went back and took him with me.

He eventually outgrew me as grandchildren are prone to do, and I got used to not seeing him except on special occasions, but I knew he was just a few miles away.

He is my firstborn grandchild, and for about 8 years, he was the only grandchild, so he is exceptionally special to me. I know he will make it fine in his new adventure, but I'm sure going to miss him.

I know others have sent their grandchildren off in different other states, to other countries, to war, and I know it is hard regardless if they are 2 or 22 or even 52. So to all of us with that separation anxiety, I say, let's all say a special prayer, and hope we see them soon.

I hope you are having a great day. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Jennifer Warthan said...

We speak fluent rasslin' round here. :)

Best of luck to your fella. Tell you what - I'll send Keith down to bail him out if push comes to shove.

diamondstatecurlygurl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - if you read any of the past, you might want to skip the ones labeled (grad school) as they were for a class and a bit boring if you're not studying that particular topic :-)

Thank you for sharing about your grandson.. my oldest is 21 and has lived with us with the exception of his freshman year of college. HE, I probably don't have to worry about.. but my baby? SHE wants to go - live in NYC, do some time in the Peace Corp, etc. I know it will be a struggle as only moms and grandma's understand when our babies aren't just down the hall or road!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yep, we speak rasslin' here, too!
I'm sure your Grandson took a little of you with him.
My oldest son in now living in another state and I can relate to the missing them syndrome!

Marge said...

My oldest grandson, age 20, just returned from his first road trip with a friend......from Minnesota to California and back. He is home, safe and sound, after experiencing the earthquake in Eureka! And guess what? He told his mom that he didn't HAVE to live in cold Minnesota....there are other places to I won't be too surprised if he takes off to California. They grow too old too soon. What happened to my 3 year old grandbaby? How did he get to 20 when I didn't age that much?

Blessings on your week, my friend!

Lisa said...

Ohhh, I just imagine how your heart has a little twinge of pain knowing that he IS all grown up and going out as a man on his own. It IS hard no matter how old they are. Glad you are talking about it and letting us see your feelings....and examine ours too!
Have a wonderful day AND week!

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