Monday, January 11, 2010

The Holidays are Over, Back to the Grind

I get two weeks off at Christmas. It's one of the perks from working at a University. We save up our small holidays, and then use 2 or 3 days leave and have wonderful time to finish shopping, do some baking, go carolling, decorate the house and put up the tree, re-learn the words to all the favorite songs, spend time with family, and all that other wonderful stuff I like to do during the holidays-----NOT!!!!! except the spending time with family. I do enjoy doing that.

My middle name should have been Scrooge. Its not that I'm tight. I'm just not a festive Christmas person. Christmas has never been a fun filled holiday for me. I always put up a tree, and did all the baking and stuff when the kids were at home. I tried very hard not to let my feelings about the holidays influence them.

But now that I don't have kids at home, I don't have to do all that stuff. I didn't put up a tree, I didn't do a lot of baking, I did no shopping(actually, I managed to wrangle the girls into doing what little I needed done) And basically, I stayed home and denned up like an old bear and enjoyed my time off. I did make 4 dresses, 3 sets of pajamas, 2 cowboy vests and a Santa Suit for Super Hero. I called the little ones Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and then settled back and took a nap.

Now I'm back at work and looking forward to Spring.

I do hope everyone had the Christmas they wanted, and are looking forward to a bright new year.

Pray for our country. Love one another.

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Lisa said...

OH yes, I feel your pain. I get the bah humbug spirit at Christmas time too. I didn't send out any cards, tree went up at the very last minute only because the grandkids were coming over, and it just seems harder and harder. It was really sad that we were suppose to get together for Christmas on Christmas day but due to the weather we did not. We could have made it, my brother's family lives next door, they could have made it, and my other brother could have made it if they wanted to. In my opinion. But the next day???? We could not get out of the driveway. The cold had iced all the snow and we could not make it up the hill from our house to the street. How funny 24 hours makes such a difference. But all in all, the grand kids were snowed in at our house and we had a wonderful time with the kids. It's been a while since Santa came to our home and left presents here.

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