Thursday, December 11, 2008

Princess #2's Christmas Program

We went to see P#2 perform last night. The theme was a Cowboy Christmas, so she looked wonderful in her pink cowgirl boots, denim jeans and red shirt. She was supposed to wear a western hat, but her mom had put her hair up in dog ears and her hat wouldn't fit over it.

Her mother will eventually post some pictures here, but for now you just have to take my word for the fact that she was absolutely adorable. And she was the only child without a hat.

I mentioned that to someone this morning and told them if anyone asked which child was ours, we could say, 'the one without the hat'. We would like to say the most beautiful child on stage, but that would probably offend other people who had children performing.

I took Superhero so he could see his cousin perform also. He told his dad that she was going to be the only one singing. I corrected that and said that all the children in her class would be there. Then when we got to the place where the program would be, he asked why there were so many cars, and I told him they were there for the program. He said,'they all came to hear Maddie sing?' I thought it was so cute that he thought the whole program revolved around his cousin. Which, of course, it did for us, just not everyone else.

Just gotta love those grandchildren.

Hope you are having a great day. Pray for our country. Love one another.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

how sweet is the superhero! I bet shes adorable inher boots I love kids in boots...
Mike brought home a bottle of pure cane syrup what woudl be good to make with it? any ideas? I dont want the bottle to go to waste as it is home made and has no me it tastes like molasses and I thought of molassas cookies but have no idea if that would work.
Thanks for any ideas I already know I like your cooking :)
Hugs Laura

Lisa said...

Oh how cute. I just love it when the kids love each other like that. They are so lucky to be close to each other. And aren't you so lucky to have them close as well. Mine will be moving in a couple more years..boohoo, but we won't think about that now!

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