Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Have I Been and What Have I Been Doing?

Since my trip in September, I have been unable to find the docking station for my camera. I keep thinking the battery is going to die soon, but in the meantime, I have been able to make a few pictures of what I've been up to. This two piece suit has kept me busy for a few days. There are two of them, one for each of the princesses. One a size 6, the other a size 7. I have come to learn to hate making multiples of anything. The first one was no problem, but I had to beat myself over the head to get the second one finished. I purposely left the first one unhemmed so it wouldn't be finished until the other one was as well. It's sad when you have to play mind games with yourself to get things done. I have to tell you a little history about this fabric. The mother of the two princesses was a bride's maid in a wedding 13 years ago. For each function she attended, I made her a new outfit. This is some of the fabric I used to make a suit for her. I have no idea why I would have bought so much, but when I figured it up, I had to have used about 2 yards for her suit, 1 yard each for the girls, making 4 yards, and I have two left. That means I bought about 6 yards of this fabric. I must have gotten a real deal. I have plenty left to make the banty hen a jumper and even a vest for superhero(if his dad will let him wear it.) The jacket is a chanel style that is short. The skirts are pleated like a kilt. I think the girls will wear black turtle necks and leggins.

The other thing I've been doing is working on a rocker. It's one I found out in my storage building. Most of the varnish has long since gone, and the boards in the seat had separated as you can see by the pictures. I got out my mouse sander and worked on it for about two hours one Saturday morning. Since I work full time, that's about the only time I have to work on anything.

I think it's a cute rocker and will look really cute once I get it painted and some cushions made for it. My plan is to stencil something on the back and down the center. Make a cushion for the seat and a roll pillow for the back. But first things first.

I used wood glue to fill in the crack and some wood filler on a few other places that needed some attention. I put clamps on the chair to hold it in place until the glue had time to set. The instructions said overnight. That took up the rest of that weekend. So, finally the next Saturday, I was able to put two coats of primer on it. I'm painting it white by the way, so of course the primer is also white. I don't have any pictures of the chair after priming, but if the weather cooperates, I should have a couple of coats of paint on it this coming weekend. I've got more sanding and smoothing to do as well, but I think it's going to be a really cute chair for a little girl's room.

Sorry to have been away so long. Love one another.


Marge said...

Hey, my friend! So glad you finally posted! I see that you have been busy, though. The suits are absolutely darling. The girls will look so cute in them with black tights and turtlenecks. You are such a good grandma! And I love white rockers. It would look really nice in my sewing room with the white cabinets I have already, and the white dresser we're working on. Only thing is, there is no room, so I guess I have to refuse it. Hope you can find someone else to use it!

Blessings to you this October day.

Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely said...

Hi! Your email address isn't linked to your google account, so I couldn't respond directly to your comment, but the beadboard wallpaper was purchased at Lowes. It's a huge roll, and I believe it was around $16 or $17. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!

Twisted Fencepost said...

That suit is absolutely adorable. You are quite the seamstress.
Cute rocker, too. I can't wait to see it painted.

Amy said...

Adorable outfit for your granddaugher!!

The rocker has great bones...can't wait to see it when you get finished.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debbie said...

Me again. Hon, if you add on the sidebar...the thing that lets us follow you, I'll be able to see you in google reader. Just a thought :)

Biz said...

My great grandma's name was Memaw, and my great grandpa's name was Ditty. Love that you are a Memaw too! :D

Lena . . . said...

Memaw - thanks for visiting my blog today. We miss you - where have you been keeping yourself?

Will said...

Just wanted you to know I've missed reading your posts. I'm not the most frequent of bloggers, so I totally understand your life interrupting your art. You are missed. Hope you are well.

Julie said...

Are you coming to the Arkansas Women Blogger conference? There are less than 2 weeks left to register! Check out our website to register soon! We hope you come!

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