Thursday, July 01, 2010

Half This Year Is Gone!!

Just the other day, I was trying to remember to use '2010' rather than '2009' on my checks. Now, suddenly, I am writing 'July' on everything. Where has the time gone? It's funny how time flies whether you are having fun or not.

Have I accomplished anything this year? Not much! Am I exercising like I was sure I would? Not Much! Have I cleaned out my sewing room? Nope! I'm just 6 months older is about all.

Are you doing anything special for the 4th of July? Since we had the big catfish feast last week, I'm not really planning to do much of anything. I'll have 3 days off, and the weather is a bit nicer than it has been, so maybe I'll get a few things done. One thing that is really needed is to clean my vehicle out on the inside. It needs to be vaccumned and all the interior dusted and wiped down. I even bought one of those long handled sponge washer thingee's like you see on tv(except I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond)to wash the inside of the windshield about 6 months ago, and it's still in the package. Who knows, maybe this weekend, I'll break it out and get busy.

We're getting purple hull peas, okra and cucumbers out of the garden. Our squash has been disappointing. We've gotten a few bell peppers, and some several messes of green beans. I think they are going to be removed and replanted for a second harvest. The tomatoes have been loaded, but the leaves have curled up and they look awful. We either have a bad case of heat stress or possible contamination from chemicals used on the farms nearby. We've had a few ripe ones, and since the weather has cooled, we'll see if they do better.

Oh, and we have watermelons. Right now there are 4 that are pretty good sized, and more small ones in the vines. I'm just hoping they don't taste like squash.

I hope you are planning a perfect holiday. Be sure to thank God for his kindness in allowing us to live in this country. Remember all those who serve and have served to give us the freedoms we enjoy. Love one another.

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Twisted Fencepost said...

No plans here. My Captain is a pyrotechnician. He'll be gone all weekend setting off fireworks.
One of my kids live in another state. And another is visiting the first one.
It'll be just Boo and I. I have a couple of projects planned for us to do together. But no festivities. Maybe I should think up something special for he and I to do.

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