Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Finished!

The quilts I've worked on since April are completely finished. I made the quilt tops, and had them quilted. I fell out of the sewing mood, and they sat for a couple of weeks(about a month actually), then I put the binding on them and gave them to the girls. Next I made the pillow shams, but they seemed a little blah, so I laid them aside for a couple of days(about a week actually).
I made wide bias binding and stitched it around the shams, and they looked much better. I made two little square pillows and added some bling I found in my sewing stash(girls, what would we do without our stash?). The bolster pillows have a section in the middle that has their initial embroidered and a pair of flip flops appliqued on them.

When their mother took them in, the girls got excited and both said they felt rich. Doesn't take much to make two little girls happy. I was a bit worried they might argue over which got which little pillow since they are different, but they didn't. I just know they slept much better last night for having their new pillows. They now just need their parents to paint their room. They are two very lucky little girls. They have wonderful parents.

I hope you have had something lately to make you feel rich, whether it's financial, inspirational or anything else that can make a person feel rich. Pray for someone special to you. Love one another.


Julia said...

These are great to decorate their bedrooms. They sure look happy!

Marge said...

Something that makes me feel rich? Having friends like you. Friends that inspire me, friends that support me, and friends that make me happy. You are all of the above.

Your project turned out great! I always see those cute prints and think I should do something with them, but I don't get around to it. How simple to take the fabric, bind it, embellish it with initials and a bit of bling, and you have the perfect quilt/pillow set for the kids! This is how you inspire me!

Blessings my friend!

Twisted Fencepost said...

You are such a sweet Grandmother for making those for the girls. They will cherish them forever.

Amy said...

Those look wonderful!
Oh and the quilts are great too! Wink.. Wink!

Lisa said...

Oh my cute are those? Those girls are lucky to have you as their grandma. Talent...oh my goodness you have so much talent. You and Road Sage are just hogging all the sewing talent! Love love love the bedding.

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