Friday, August 21, 2009

How Many Times Will It Snow This Winter?

I know it's August and who cares how many times it will snow this winter, but since weather prognostication is a science, let me tell you how to determine the number of snows in the winter.

I worked with an older lady a few years ago that said the number of snows each winter can be determined by the number of fogs in August. That seems a bit strange and whether it's totally accurate, I don't know. However, we've had several fogs this August(we're at 5 here in NE Arkansas) so we are thinking it may be a rough winter.

And remember, August isn't quite over yet. We have ten more days, so we may have a few more fogs. Anyway, next spring, we'll see where we stand on the number of fogs in August vs. the number of snows during the winter. Be sure to tune in to find out if this scientific approach works.

I hope you are having a great Friday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

As long as we don't another ice storm, let it snow!

Lena . . . said...

I only wish that were the case up here in Minnesota. We RARELY get fog in August - or anytime for that matter - and we sure do get snows in the winter!!

Debra said...

And of course a snow or two would be nice here in South Mississipp! Just dreamin'

Hope you have a great Monday! :)

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