Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Neglected Blog!!!!

My poor little blog has been neglected. I have totally ignored it as though it were a chore I didn't want to do. I've had plenty going on to tell it about, but I've put it over in the corner and pretended it didn't exist. I'm sorry little blog. I must treat you better.

I doubt anyone even checks in any more to see if I'm still around. I'm sure everyone thinks I've totally deserted you, and it has seemed that way. So, I'm going to do better. I promise.

Since I last wrote, I got my vacation pictures back as you can see. These are the six gals that made the trip along with me of course.

This is my grandson who now resides in Orlando. He came up and went to lunch with us. I'm not sure he has recovered. Getting to see him was worth the whole trip.

This is a view of the beach looking north from our condo.

Here we all are having dinner near a lighthouse. I can't remember the name of it. The food was good and the friendship even better.

I took a few pictures of my hydrangea which is blooming like crazy,

and a couple of pictures of the garden my brother has in my yard. I have open space, he has shade.

Superhero and Princess #2 have graduated from Kindergarten. They are ready for first grade next year.

We will have our All School Catfish Reunion this Saturday. I think everyone is excited about it. We have 325 students, teachers, alumni, spouces,etc coming for the evening meal. I hope to have pictures next week of that event.

In the meantime have a great day. Pray the devastation in the Gulf will be minimal. Love one another.


Twisted Fencepost said...

I haven't forgotten you! I have just been busy, too. Spring is always busy on the farm and I started three courses in the summer semester this week. This is gonna be a tough one because it's 6 weeks short and crammed full.
What a sweet grandson to have lunch with a bunch of ladies. LOL Proves how much he loves you!

#1daughter said...

I was wondering if you were ever going to post again!

Marge said...

No, I didn't forget you, but I sure as heck was wondering what you were doing! Now I see you were out having fun! Looks like a wonderful time with your friends. Those trips are the best, aren't they!

Hope you can manage to post once in awhile now! OH, what a cute picture of Superhero and Princess #2!

Blessings my friend,

Lisa said...

I check in on you too, I have not been good about bloggin either. But good to see you that know how to get out and have fun. Man I want to go to Florida and stay for a while. Glad you are back safe and sound, glad life has been treating you well, and now you just need to stay cool!

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