Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mass Innoculation

Today was the mass innoculation for the seasonal flu vaccine and if you met a certain criteria(which I did not), you could also get the H1N1 vaccine. It started at 7a.m. this morning and was to go until about 3 or until the vaccine ran out. Have you ever gone to a football field to get a shot? That's where we were.

We heard this morning there was 8,000 doses. So, I get myself up and am in line by 6:45. Actually, I was in 'A' line since there were probably 8 or 9 different lines feeding into the spot where the shots were being given.

We had discussed yesterday about some of us going in the same vehicle and that way we wouldn't all be in line in different places. So, my phone rang a little after 7, at which time, my line had not moved. One of the gals in my office managed to get into a parking lot and walked over and got in the car with me since I was much closer than she had been. Then my youngest daughter called. She ended up doing the same thing. Then my boss called and also got into the car with me. I said we looked like the clowns getting out of the little car at the circus in reverse. Instead of getting out, they were getting in. Oh wait, did I just call my co-workers clowns?

And did I say it was raining? If not, let me mention that here. When we finally got close, they gave us wet forms to fill out. Then we got our shots. Just rolled down the window and rolled up the sleeve, and whamo, we got stuck, thanked and asked to move along.

Now let me say, it's much more fun to go as a group, we laughed the whole time, and before we knew it, we were finished, out and back at work. Fortunately, for 3 of us, we work within a couple of blocks from where the shots were being given. We were at work by 8:20, and my daughter was shortly after.

This whole thing reminded me of getting vaccinated as a child in elementary school. I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade, and they lined us up and gave us all those shots that everyone has to take to be able to attend school now. I think that experience scarred me for life. I surely won't ever forget it. Today was much better. But then I'm 50 something years older than back then.

What has traumatized you lately or in the past? Nothing too graphic here, please.

Hope you are having a great Thursday. Pray for our country. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

The H1N1 shot scares me. I think they made it to fast & didn't test it enough. No one in my house is getting one.

Lisa said...

I remember those days and I HATED them. But now I think it funny to have a drive by "shooting" and drive away all better! I have not taken the flu shot this year, and now after having the flu I don't think I will take it!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH my i so recall the lines in first grade and the big gun that left the circle scar HORROR!!!!!!!!

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